Wha, WHO?

Soapbox Time:

I am feeling seriously confused. I went to a reception with delicious bacon wrapped scallops and brown sugar sticks and all people could talk about was this stupid WHO announcement. So I just read it all in full and am still totally confused. First of all: Before today, did people think processed meats were good for us?  Me yesterday: “Yeah, I’ll probably die of bacon.” Me today: “Yeah, I’ll probably die of bacon.” Nothing has changed.

Further and probably more importantly, I learned cooked (charred) meat was a carcinogen in college. I went to college more than a decade ago. Scroll down and just look at the dates on the references cited here: http://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/diet/cooked-meats-fact-sheet

We have known this stuff FOREVER. Why is this news? Why is WHO just getting around to calling red meat a carcinogen now if I literally learned this in 2002?

It’s super sad how slow and muddled the uptake and dissemination of real information is, particularly with respect to food.