The Gilmore Girls Project

A bit of background:

My wife (J) and I (L) both have real Ph.D.s in a real scientific discipline. But we also strongly believe that we have honorary Ph.D.s in Gilmore Girls. It has been our default “there’s nothing to watch” time-filler for the past decade, and we have watched every episode of every season at least 10 times. It never gets old.

I recently realized that we, Gilmore Girls scholars that we are, have MANY opinions and MUCH wisdom to share about Gilmore Girls. And if there is one thing I love, it is broadcasting my opinions and “wisdom” on my blog for 10 people to read. We have decided to start the Gilmore Girls Project.

This “project” is mainly an attempt to rank order every Gilmore Girls episode best to worst. The methodology is not set in stone but it will probably have something to do with star rankings or something like that. More importantly we’ll record our thoughts on the episodes along the way. We are disorganized and lazy, so while I can promise that we will make an attempt to rank and discuss every single episode, I can also promise that (1) it won’t happen in any sort of logical order, (2) it will most definitely happen in fits and starts, and (3) most of the opinions will come from me, L, with as much contributions as I can squeeze out of J as possible. This is how we roll, and all 10 of you are going to have to deal with it.

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