Flavored Potato Chips: Thanksgiving Edition

A very happy Thanksgiving to my blog readers! I hope you have safe travels, a great time with friends and/or family, delicious meals, and I also urge you to try not to eat anything TOO adventurous. Thanksgiving is a day for tradition, not for weird-ass food mashups.

The days leading up to Thanksgiving, well…thats another story. What now?

Thanksgiving Feast flavored potato chips? DON’T MIND IF I DO!


You can find these Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Feast-themed potato chips at Target if you are as lucky as I am. I have never heard of Boulder Canyon before, but mad props them for conveniently packaging all four of these weird flavors together in an appropriate serving size for tasting (looking at you, Lays). We tried one bag of chips per day in “meal order” alternating savory/sweet/savory/sweet.



Holy crap. These chips taste like stuffing. What is the flavor of stuffing? Butter? Bread? Parsley? Onions? Celery? Celery. I have no idea how these chips pull off tasting like stuffing but I am going to guess it has something to do with celery. Final answer, celery. Really, really delicious chips.


These chips were bizarre. At first they didn’t really taste like anything. They were just mildly sweet chips with freaky pink powder on them. Then I ate more and more, and I started to kind of taste cranberry, but that makes no sense. Cranberry is not a flavor that sneaks up on you. Cranberry is an in-your-face flavor. Cranberry doesn’t mess around. Do these chips taste like cranberry? I’m still not sure. Were they good? I’m still not sure. Were they bad? I’m still not sure. I AM sure that based purely on the color, I don’t ever want to eat them again.

Turkey and Gravy

I was skeptical. I have had a prior experience with poultry-flavored potato chips and I was not impressed. But holy crap, once again. These chips taste like turkey. No joke, these potato chips taste like turkey. I felt like Violet freaking Beauregard eating these chips. I’m not as crazy about turkey as I am about stuffing, so I’m not over the moon about these things so much as I am really impressed by them.

Pumpkin Pie

These chips were not only pretty good, they also led me to completely rethink the failure that was the Lays cappucino chip. That chip MIGHT have been good if they had just made it sweet! The pumpkin chips are sweet with cinnamon and nutmeg, and are definitely the most addictive of the four Thanksgiving flavors. The off chip that isn’t sweet tastes weird and lame like the cappuccino chips, but they are few and far between. A++ would recommend.


The final verdict is that these things are probably the most impressive flavor mimickry I have ever observed in a potato chip. I’d advise trying three out of four of these Thanksgiving chips if you are into that kind of thing!

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