Weird Coffee

I promised a while back that I would make a weird coffee post.

I was going to try butter in coffee, and then bread cheese in coffee, and then I was going to be done, and it was going to be terrific. I tried both, then I tried both a second time because I realized I hadn’t gathered sufficient photos the first time, and now I have to admit I do the butter in coffee like every other weekend because I happened to try it the same week I also started regular Saturday AND Sunday excercising and I am 100% atttributing the fact that I now feel AMAZING on weekends to the butter in my coffee and not the two hours of cardio + sleeping in and not working as much.

So there I was, all ready to post this post, and then the freaking Food and Wine Magazine Twitter account (the Food and Wine Magazine Twitter account will one day kill me) sends this freaking tweet about people drinking coffee OUT OF BELL PEPPERS.


I am just going to tell both you and Food and Wine magazine this one time, and I want you to pay close attention. I am making the executive decision that I am not going to the store to buy a bell pepper for the purpose of drinking coffee out of a bell pepper. If, someday in the future, I happen to have a spare bell pepper, and am drinking coffee, and glance over to the bell pepper whilst drinking said coffee, and I have the energy and desire to then hollow out the seeds and ribs from a bell pepper while keeping it in a shape that could hold a beverage, I might ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT of drinking the coffee out of the bell pepper. But that’s it.

This is the weird coffee post, and you are going to like it, with or without coffee in a bell pepper.

So yeah, butter in coffee is pretty tasty. I mean, it basically sits on the top and then coagulates about midway through and becomes super gross if you don’t have a utensil to skim the flotsam and jetsam off the top, and you’re really just drinking melted butter for the first half of the mug (because chemistry), but when you think about it, it makes sense, right? The oils are what make French pressed coffee and Americanos so delicious, and those are my two favorite forms of coffee. So this is just like double bonus coffee with a chaser of melted butter. Sold.

Bread cheese in coffee is also surprisingly fantastic. It just works. I don’t know why, and I want to know why. Should I be eating more salty things with my coffee? Should I be eating more cheesy things with my coffee? Or should I just leave well enough alone and occasionally eat bread cheese with my coffee because bread cheese is a unique snowflake? I’ll go with door number three.

The Ez Factor

This isn’t really a cheese post, but I do have to point out that Ezra regularly tries to figure out WTF is going on with the butter coffee which most definitely affects (read: ruins) the relaxing weekend coffee experience.

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